Frisco’s Fit 2-20 adds Erchonia’s Emerald laser to its clinically-proven services

Evidence-driven, personalized gym adds the world’s first green laser for fat loss to its list of cutting-edge offerings FRISCO, Texas (July 27, 2022 FRISCO, Texas (July XX, 2022) – Fit 2-20 has added Erchonia’s Emerald laser to the clinically proven, evidence-based services offered at its personal training facility at 9555 Lebanon Road, Suite 503, in […]

Entrepreneurial Spirit Led to Founding of Fit 2-20 in Frisco

Owner Forrest Michals Touts Futuristic “Bio Hack” Revolution in Fitness FRISCO, Texas (Feb. 12, 2019) – There’s a 75-year old fitness industry legend living in Frisco and nobody knows it – yet. One month ago, in a nondescript business park in Frisco, the local Chamber of Commerce helped owner Forrest Michals cut the ribbon on […]

Fit 2-20 Brings Unique Workout Regimen to Frisco

Spa-like gym touts evidence-driven exercise on prototypical machines FRISCO, Texas (Jan.22, 2019) – Those with New Year’s resolutions to get in shape now have an additional option to choose from with the opening of Fit 2-20 in Frisco. The spa-like fitness center boasts new-age exercise machines that deliver a next-level workout experience. And according to […]