Understanding your genes can help you live a longer, healthier, and better life, and it is much too important for a one-size fits all approach. 

What we eat, how we move, our stress levels and our emotional lives all affect how our genes behave.

Our genetic test looks at 36 health areas and how our genes work together in cellular pathways and functional systems to control processes such as inflammation,  metabolism and detoxification.   Making health decisions that are personalized for us can help prevent, delay, or reverse disease and aging;



Our bodies are complex. 3X4 looks at how our genes work together in cellular pathways and functional systems to control processes such as inflammation, metabolism and detoxification


Traditionally, we have spent far too much time focusing on trying to fix symptoms. At 3X4, we want to change this by understanding what’s happening at a deep cellular level so we can prevent, delay or reverse disease.


We believe that health is not a static condition, but a daily choice. Using our Blueprint and the guidance of an expert practitioner you can gain a deeper understanding of your body and the daily choices you need to make.


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Your genes don’t work in isolation – they work with each other and the body’s environment. What we eat, how we move, our stress levels and our emotional lives affect how our genes behave. Understanding our individual genetic blueprint can guide us to make health choices that help us to live happier, longer and better.


Contact us to get an introduction appointment scheduled.


We’ll assist you with completing your 3×4 test kit​.


We’ll register your sample and mail it to 3×4 Genetics​.


Your sample is analyzed at their lab.  It will take about 3 weeks.


We’ll conduct a thorough review of your 3×4 Blue Print with you.


Genetics make up the baseline “code” by which your body functions. The impact of every single choice you make throughout your life is influenced by your personal genetic makeup. We test over 134 genes that can affect your metabolism, inflammation, detoxification, fitness, weight, hormones, cognition, and response to your diet and supplements. By understanding how your unique genetics impact these key processes, you can make smarter, more personalized decisions about your health. There may even insights you never imagined (like whether that second cup of coffee is a good idea)!

Our genetic test is designed to provide clear insights and recommendations about areas of health that are most important to you:

  • Nutrient needs
    What are your body’s unique needs and how do you respond to certain foods? How well do you tolerate fat and carbs? What’s your vitamin D need? Do you require extra antioxidants and Omega-3 fats compared to others? Should you limit gluten, salt or caffeine?
  • Fitness strengths
    What type of exercise will your body respond best to? How can you train smarter in alignment with your genes, for better performance, faster recovery and fewer injuries?
  • Proactive prevention
    Is your body more prone to high blood pressure, high blood sugar, or high cholesterol? How can you support your cardiovascular system and your immune system for more resilience as you age? We also look at processes like your inflammation, detoxification, methylation and more.
  • Ideal Weight
    Why does your body resist weight loss and how can you manage your weight in a healthy way that is personalized to your unique body?
  • Stress strategies
    How does your life stress affect your brain health, your hormones, your sleep quality and your overall wellness? More importantly, what can you do about it?

You do not need to see a 3X4 Practitioner to receive your report, but when your genetics insights are combined with your medical history, unique lifestyle, diet preferences and exercise choices, a full picture starts to emerge. If you are looking for a detailed action plan our practitioner partners are ready to guide you on your health journey.

Yes, it is eligible for HSA / FSA

How can I use my HSA/FSA debit card?
You would use it in the same way you would use a credit card when paying, simply enter the needed card info. If this does not work, simply pay for the test with your normal credit card, download the invoice/ receipt and submit that for reimbursement.

Will I be able to claim retrospectively as well?
HSA: As long as the HSA was established before you bought the 3X4 test, HSA can be used to reimburse that expense years later.
FSA: You can claim retrospectively as long as it falls within the current fiscal year.

I bought my test via my practitioner – can I still claim?
Most definitely. Simply ask for an itemized invoice from your practitioner where you can see the 3X4 test listed and the amount. Submit that claim for reimbursement.

After sending in your genetic sample, results take 3-4 weeks to process.

Our partner lab securely retains your sample until we are sure we have complete and accurate results to produce a report.
The sample is destroyed 90 days after we have received your results.

Our test kit is a simple and pain-free cheek swab that you can complete at home. A thorough rub with a cotton swab on the inside of each cheek for 60 seconds is all it takes. No spitting or blood draw is required.