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Unleash your full potential with the help of our premier personal trainers at Fit 2-20. We will help you achieve results faster with science-based training systems and equipment. Our commitment to our clients is what sets Fit 2-20 services apart from the competition in the fitness industry. Our passion for fitness and wellness allows us to embrace your goals as our own. Spending 2 twenty-minute workouts per week with our skilled personal trainers will deliver results you never thought possible. Thus we will work closely with you to create and set realistic goals and timeline to achieve your desired results.


So, what makes our one-on-one personal training services unique? The pillar of our 100% success rate is the exceptional team of personal trainers that makes up Fit 2-20. We specialize in intelligent training workouts that cover all fitness avenues and are highly suitable for all skill levels. Fit 2-20 takes pride in our passionate team of professional trainers and our state of art fitness equipment.

We stand out by prioritizing sustainable results in an overly saturated market focused on miracle workouts and quick fixes. The equipment and tools that we use during personal training sessions are grounded in science, which means there is a purpose in every exercise routine that you do. Why suffer and waste time at a conventional gym, when you can utilize Fit 2-20’s exercise equipment and systems that will help you stay motivated to achieve great results with ease.


  • Work with top-caliber and highly qualified personal trainers.
  • The fitness trainers will tailor the training program to to keep you inspired, motivated, and achieve results.
  • Each of our personal trainers represents on what we believe is the gold standard in the fitness industry.
  • Each client is guaranteed results if they follow our customized training programs.
  • Regardless of your fitness level or health condition we can customize a program to help you further your health and fitness goals.
  • Lastly in each of our programs, we work with each one of clients in regards to nutrition in terms of what to eat and not to eat in order to obtain the best results.

FIT 2-20 Personal Trainer Programs

Below is a list of the Training Programs that we have available along with brief descriptions of each one. Let us know if you have any questions.

NUTRITION COUNSELING – Whether you are struggling to shed excess weight or diagnosed with a medical condition that necessitates specific dietary changes, our personal trainers will help you adapt to healthier nutritional habits. We will customize our personal training services based on your nutritional requirements and lifestyle needs. 

FITNESS COUNSELING – Our fitness counseling services are ideal for people who cannot attend regular one-on-one personal training sessions. Fit 2-20 personal trainers guide will serve as your guide if you’re looking for a comprehensive and scientifically crafted workout routine to meet your fitness goals. Sessions include hands-on training and in-depth demonstrations, which will equip you to train independently wherever you go. 

STRENGTH COACH & CONDITIONING – Change your life with our dedicated strength coach and conditioning expert services at Fit 2-20. Our personal trainers combine the use of cutting-edge equipment, including Vasper Compression Technology and First Degree Upper Body Ergonometer E-920, with fundamental strength and conditioning programs that are customized based on your fitness level. Feel stronger, healthier, and feel the massive gains with the best strength training program in Frisco.

BIOHACKING – Optimize your mind and body to achieve your fitness goals with the help of Fit 2-20’s biohacking services. Innovative equipment such as InBody 570 and Vasper Compression Technology are available in our facility. These modalities collect valuable data that personal trainers use to adjust your workout resulting in an optimized training in as fast as 20-minute workouts, two times a week.

MEAL PLANNING – At Fit 2-20, we believe that what you do outside the gym is just as crucial for your fitness goals as what you do in the gym. Our personal trainers will handle your nutritional needs with our comprehensive meal planning service. We use advanced knowledge and tools to develop a meal plan that will help you lose weight effectively and restore your health in no time.

DIETS – Fit 2-20 will help you achieve your fitness goals using evidence-based dietary programs that are safe and sustainable. Our personal trainers will create diet solutions that work for your unique lifestyle. Our goal is to develop a diet plan that will help you slim down to your ideal weight and a plan that will improve your long-term health.

BODY COMPOSITION SCANNING – For more optimized workouts, it is imperative to undergo body composition scanning before starting your Fit 2-20 journey. The InBody 570 accurately measures and assesses your muscle mass, body fat percentage, and water levels. It is the most advanced body composition scanning machine on the market that tracks your progress over time. These numbers help our personal trainers strategize your workout routines and design nutritional plans for the best results.

BLOOD FLOW RESTRICTION – Blood Flow Restriction technique creates pressure around extremities while performing low-load training. Fit 2-20 personal trainers use this when working with clients as it is a promising technique to increase muscle growth. Our Vasper Compression Technology machine modulates blood flow to produce muscle gains that are similar to high-intensity training.

BODYBUILDING – If you’re serious with bodybuilding but don’t have enough time to go through traditional strength training, Fit 2-20 is the perfect place to go. Our personal trainers have the expertise and experience to help you get the muscular definition you want to achieve.





Fit 2-10 delivers superior-quality personal training so that you can feel confident on your fitness journey. We will match you with the right personal trainer- an expert that is the best possible one for you. You will be assigned to a dedicated team member who will take the time to know the real you. Here at Fit 2-20, we are on a mission to transform lives. Whether you want to change your physique, reach peak performance, or reverse the damage of a sedentary lifestyle. We are committed to change the way you feel inside and out. Through our personal training services, you will finally get to experience what progress feels like. Get ready to jump through hurdles with the help of our personal trainers here at Fit 2-20. Start your fitness journey with us today!

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