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If you’re looking for the best Personal Training Frisco has to offer, then Fit 2-20 is the place to be.  We actually do “Change Lives” with our custom personal training.  Everyone values their health and it’s not that one wants to get off track, but some have busy lives. Between family and professional commitments it feels like there aren’t enough hours in the day.  Many of our clients had training sessions with other personal trainers in Frisco, but were happy to find personal trainers at Fit 2-20, and actually see results.  Our clinically proven, evidence-based exercise systems can help you become the very best you can be in as little as 2 twenty minute workouts per week.

We specialize in one-on-one Frisco personal training for everyday men and women who lead busy professional and family lives. Our facility is equipped with the most scientifically advanced bio-hacking exercise systems in the world and is the only one of its kind in the Frisco and nearby DFW area. You don’t use the same phone or drive the same car your grandfather did and now you don’t have to work out the same way he did either.  If you would like to come in for an appointment you can find us in Frisco Texas.   Get free fitness counseling now!


Evidence Driven Exercise


ARX technology combines computer-controlled, motorized resistance that is capable of matching the force of any user 100% of the time. ARX shortens the time you need to exercise while dramatically increasing the safety and effectiveness of all of your workouts.


The Vasper system combines compression, liquid cooling, and interval training to drive your body’s production of growth and recovery hormones, delivering the most significant benefits of high-intensity exercise in an efficient and low-impact 21-minute workout.


The first AI for fitness is here. Just 40-seconds with CAR.O.L gives the same benefits as a 45-minute jog. CAR.O.L’s self-learning algorithms precisely set resistance that extracts absolute max power from you.

InBody 570

The InBody 570 body composition scanning and analyzer goes beyond traditional body composition analysis, measuring fat, muscle, and total body water.


ARX technology combines computer-controlled, motorized resistance that is capable of matching the force of any user 100% of the time. This gives you the perfect rep, every rep. With perfect resistance, ARX shortens the time you need to exercise while dramatically increasing the safety and effectiveness of all of your workouts.

ARX resistance training builds muscle mass, increases bone density, helps with weight loss, and optimizes hormones in minutes per week.

Vasper Cold Compression

Compression cuffs worn on the arms and legs safely compress the muscle to quickly build up lactic acid, mimicking the physiology of an intense workout that would typically take extensive time and effort.

Compression builds metabolite concentration quickly and activates fast twitch muscle fibers. This triggers a systemic recovery response, including the natural release of anabolic hormones such as testosterone.


CAR.O.L not only watches your performance, her algorithms respond by automatically pushing you harder in subsequent rides or relaxing your ride if you have had a bad day, and it all happens automatically. You just log in and ride.

This is the very first system that delivers this scientifically proven protocol outside of laboratories. Each session takes just 9 minutes 40 seconds so getting fit can slip easily into your day. Which is why it’s easy to keep up.

InBody 570

The InBody 570 body composition scanning and analyzer goes beyond traditional body composition analysis, measuring fat, muscle, and total body water. Total body water data can be divided into intracellular water and extracellular water; values important for understanding a user’s fluid distribution in medical, wellness, and fitness contexts.

First Degree Upper Body Ergometer E-920

First Degree E-920 Fluid UBE is an essential piece of fitness equipment whether you climb mountains, throw a ball in any sport, run, lift at home or at work, dig that hole…and a myriad of other daily upper body strength requirements, the need to have upper body strength seems to be a benefit to all. There are many quality ways to achieve upper body strength and now fluid resistance technology just became one worthy of your attention. Learn more by watching this video.

Emerald Laser

Erchonia’s Emerald laser is an FDA Market-Cleared full body fat loss treatment that allows clients to target areas of stubborn fat. Emerald Laser treats overall body circumference and is the only device FDA cleared to treat those with a BMI of over 30. Applied externally, the laser targets excess fat by emulsifying fatty tissue through the use of cold laser technology developed by Erchonia.

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Most frequent questions and answers
Your body adapts to the stresses imposed upon it. When you exercise at the proper intensity your body’s defense mechanism kicks in and forces the body to become stronger. Because of the intense nature of these workouts, they need to be brief and infrequent to allow for recovery and growth. The best way to understand how this possible is to experience how challenging and yet satisfying this way of working out can be. If you commit regularly, we guarantee you will become significantly stronger and will never look at exercise in the same way again.
“Intensity” of effort is the most controllable factor in achieving the results you will see from your workouts. But let’s be clear – our focus as your personal trainers is to make sure we are tailoring the intensity to fit you. We have experience working with people of all ages and physical capacities.
Yes. Anyone can benefit from this safe, low impact form of exercise. The exercise protocols we have assembled have been clinically proven to be safer, more efficient, more productive and more quantifiable than any other form of exercise including increased bone density, cardiopulmonary efficiency, fat adaptation, increased metabolism and increased energy.

You can expect to see strength gains in as little as two weeks. However, results like muscle mass and visibility, fat loss and agility will take longer and will depend upon your commitment and genetics. That being said, we have had many men add 10-15 lbs of muscle in 3 months or less, while losing fat at the same time. Like most things in life, the more you put into it the more you will get out of it. If you consistently show up each week, well rested, well nourished, recovered, and challenge yourself at each session, you will set yourself up for the best results possible for your unique genetic potential.

The truth is, no exercise program can out perform a bad diet. The workouts you perform here will burn the maximum amount of calories your body can safely utilize in the allotted time. Additionally, due to what we call “after burn” it will continue to burn calories for up to 72 hours after you have completed your workout. That being said, the real value of exercise, in the weight loss regime, is to protect and enhance muscle tissue while you are losing weight. almost  all diets will work in the short run, but protecting and enhancing muscle tissue is one of the best ways to prevent the weight gain rebound that is so typically seen. Additionally, our certified nutrition coaches can assist you in choosing a nutritional plan that is right for you and that will be sustainable for a life time.

Yes, in these are the people that have the most to gain from this type of exercise we often see spectacular changes from members of this group the combination of our technologically advanced exercise equipment combined with our personal one-on-one training makes this the perfect environment to help counter many of the issues associated with aging.

Physical activity every day is great whether it be walking, yoga, sports or anything else that gets the body moving and puts a smile on your face. In fact as you get more fit you will be more likely to want to be more active. Be aware, there is a big difference between sports/physical activities and productive exercise. It is smart to avoid a “more is better” mentality. Unfortunately, it is common to associate exercise with burning a lot of calories and losing fat. It is no wonder when people want to lose fat they ramp up their activity levels and go on a strict diet. Albeit popular, will actually produce a lot of stressors for a adoptive capabilities and put the body in a constant state of chronic stress (not to mention increased appetite). As a result, metabolism will eventually adapt and slow down, cortisol levels will rise, and the body will become a perfect environment for hanging on to stored body fat. If you eat for health and train for strength, all your specific health goals will start to fall into place naturally.               

Hello Fit 2-20 family!

There is currently a nationwide effort to stop the spread of the Corona virus. At Fit 2-20, we want to take an intelligent approach to prevention, while still getting the health promoting benefits of proper exercise.

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Fit 2-20