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Two twenty minute “evidence-based” weekly workouts at Fit 2-20 have been clinically proven to provide the following benefits:

Accelerated metabolism and fat loss
Increased bone density
Improved glucose control
Improved cholesterol profile
Enhanced libido
Increased testosterone and growth hormone production
Improved cardiovascular health
Reduced inflammation and pain
Improved sleep quality
Increased cognitive function
Elevated endorphins, which improve life energy levels and mood
Improved flexibility
Increased number and diameter of collagen fibrils in tendons to increase strength and help prevent injuries
Increased athletic performance
Increased strength and muscle mass
Make more proteins for your energy-producing mitochondria, effectively slowing down aging at the cellular level
Reduced stress hormones, such as cortisol

The truth is, it’s impossible to lose a significant amount of weight with just exercise. If you have a lot of weight to lose, you must control your diet. The problem is, when you “go on a diet” and don’t exercise you lose both muscle and fat. When you eventually “go off your diet,” (and you will) your metabolism will have slowed down and you gain all of the weight back, and usually a little more. So what do you do? You go on a different diet and repeat the whole process, again and again. What a vicious cycle. But there’s a better way. The true value of exercise, in a weight loss program, is to protect and enhance your lean tissue. Thus, you maintain or even increase your metabolism, making it more likely you will keep the pounds off when you return to a less restricted diet. Fit 2-20 offers the best and most efficient method of maintaining and increasing your lean tissue in a safe and supervised manner.

Training at Fit 2-20 is far less expensive than training with a traditional personal trainer. You get the same one-on-one supervision, far quicker results, a safer exercise protocol, all for a fraction of the price. We can offer all of this because we have far less member turn-over than other fitness
facilities. We have removed all of the barriers that keep you from reaching your peak physical form, and thus our members become very loyal, as we fit seemlessly into their lives.

If you perform an exercise by lifting a barbell, beating on a tire with a sledgehammer, or any other form of gravity based exercise, the resistance supplied is going to have an affect upon your body. Fit 2-20 hi-tech exercise equipment is totally different. It doesn’t act upon your body, you act upon it. You determine exactly how much effort you want to apply, during, not before you perform the movement. Yo’ur not competing with someone else. You are only competing with yourself. Our equipment automatically adjusts for both the fragile senior citizen or the budding world champion athlete.

Hello Fit 2-20 family!

There is currently a nationwide effort to stop the spread of the Corona virus. At Fit 2-20, we want to take an intelligent approach to prevention, while still getting the health promoting benefits of proper exercise.

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