Why People Choose Fit2-20

Brian Havens Avatar
Brian Havens
The integration of technology and fitness at this place is amazing. The workouts are short, but intense. It felt like I had been lifting weights for an hour after about 20 minutes. They even include full body scans for anyone who wants objective metrics to track their results. I will definitely be joining.
Smart Food Solutions Avatar
Smart Food Solutions
Awsome place to work out.
Celeste Wilson Avatar
Celeste Wilson
Forest is a top notch trainer and I highly recommend him for personal training!
Mary Lucas Avatar
Mary Lucas
I finally decided to take a huge step toward saving my health. I’ve been going to Fit 2-20 for about a month and have noticed more strength in my legs and arms than I had before. The work out is challenging but fun and Forrest is a great motivator. His knowledge of equipment and purpose has been of great help to me. Fit 2-20 is exactly what I was looking for to keep my commitment to better health. 20 minutes twice a week is easy to fit into my busy life!
William Avatar
I started working out at Fit2-20 back in 2018 and have been a great appreciator of what the range of specialized, computer-aided exercise equipment can do, without taking hours each week. I was amazed, and still am, by how quickly my body was eager for the weekly workout time(s) and how quickly my strength, endurance, and overall health increased. Take it from me - there's no hype here, and I've never had an over-promising-under-delivering experience with Fit2-20. You can trust Forrest and his staff to take great care with you.
Harry Martinez Avatar
Harry Martinez
Excellent service and a great place to improve your strength and muscle mass. You will see fast and lasting results. Thanks to Forrest I am toned and strong. The workout is intense, yet short in duration.
Mary Hammack Avatar
Mary Hammack
I have been a member of Fit 2-20 for four months, and I cannot make enough positive points regarding the system, the owner, the coaching, the nutritional advice, the technology they use, (measuring, BMI, weight, measurements, bone density), and best of all the results! It’s amazing what 2 to 3 visits per week can achieve. In the first 3 1/2 weeks, I saw an increase in muscle mass, decrease in fat content, and an increase in my bone mass, which is critical for my age, and having osteopenia. I have shoulder issues, and my upper body strength has never been great. I was concerned I could not handle the machines, however, even though I often have muscle soreness after my workouts, I’ve had ZERO pain in my shoulders. I’m doing bench presses for the first time in my life! Forrest and Cayden are very protective of any concerns or issues their clients may have. They push you, but they know how far to push! Forrest has created an atmosphere that is supportive, positive, encouraging, and personalized. I have made a lifelong commitment and cannot wait to see my next round of results!!!!!
Karen Scholl Avatar
Karen Scholl
Love my workouts at Fit 2-20! Quick, effective and fun! Forrest is wonderful, knowledgeable and very helpful! You won’t regret joining Fit 2-20!
Stacey Maness Avatar
Stacey Maness
Just had another quick workout, I’m gonna be sore tomorrow. Thanks Forrest!
Carla Arthur Avatar
Carla Arthur
Forrest and Cayden are fantastic and super knowledgeable! Can’t wait for our next visit to Dallas!
Joseph McMahon Avatar
Joseph McMahon
The 1 on 1 workout experience is the best I’ve ever had. I recommend this place hands down…
Debra Avatar
I love everything about my experience with Fit 2-20 and Forest. I’m a 66 year old female and the workout I get is fabulous. It strengthens my cardio without wearing out my joints. If you have osteoporosis (like me), he has a machine that will not only build your muscles, but strengthen your bones as well. I look forward to going each week and enjoy the conversations with Forest. Highly recommended!
D Moses Avatar
D Moses
Life changing decision - Glad I found Fit 2-20, the work out is well defined, quick and fulfilling. Forrest is amazing, with 30+years of experience in the fitness business, helps me to achieve my fitness goals. I've been training for the past 30 days, lost weight, gained energy and feel good. 2 hours of work out packed in 20 minutes. I highly recommend you try it!!!
Richard Hazelwood Avatar
Richard Hazelwood
Been coming to Fit 2-20 and I’ve lost 20 lbs and in best shape since military separation. Forest and Cayden are great and provide great customer service
Michelle E Avatar
Michelle E
Fit 2-20 is the best workout experience I’ve ever had. You won’t find this workout equipment in any other gym. The trainers are also professional, educated and care about your overall fitness, not just the workout.
Keith Williams Avatar
Keith Williams
The best workout in the world. I am maintaining over 3yrs of 100 lbs weight lost.
Maxx Rogue Avatar
Maxx Rogue
If you want the Best most complete workout in the shortest amount of time, Fit 2-20 is the ONLY place to experience this type of training/workout. Give yourself the Optimal Fitness experience & just try 1 workout & you will see nothing else compares. Take it from me a Certified trainer, marathon running, former Crossfitter, regular gym goer & soon to be (OCR) Obstacle Course Racer.
Ravi Sreerama Avatar
Ravi Sreerama
Great place to gain strength and maintain. Great one to one training by the fabulous staff. I have been a member over a year and loved every bit.
Christy Cook Avatar
Christy Cook
I love knowing that every minute of my workout I’m pushing myself and my muscles to their limit. It would take me 4-5 days and over 10-12 hours a week in a normal gym rather than 2, 20-minute workouts a week I’m doing now. This frees me up to play more Pickleball, spend time outdoors and relax on the off days I don’t have to be in the gym. I’ve hit that dreaded 50 years old and besides the important benefits of quality exercise, I have a figure I want to keep and strength I need to continue to be able to do the things I love with the people I love (old and young). In addition to the reduced time I’m spending and quicker results I’m seeing, I really appreciate and enjoy the wisdom and accountability that Forrest and his team give me. I never miss a workout now and never have to worry about what I’m going to do that day. It’s always thoughtfully prepared for what my body needs to keep building strength and definition. I highly recommend anyone and everyone check it out!
Layton Burlison Avatar
Layton Burlison
Great environment. Excellent instructors and a unique workout. I’ve been here for 2 years and I love it.
Courtney Maguire Avatar
Courtney Maguire
Advanced equipment, great workout, phenomenal staff. Highly recommend.
Mike Terry Avatar
Mike Terry
Really good support and great workout!
Scott Maness Avatar
Scott Maness
Incredible machines coupled with expert knowledge from the trainers makes for a productive and rewarding experience. Looking forward to seeing my end result
Ethan Kahn Avatar
Ethan Kahn
This place is amazing, I’ve been going to here for the past year and I’ve noticed so many differences and it’s an amazing place to workout! The service there is amazing and it’s overall a great place.
Tonya Seay Avatar
Tonya Seay
So cool… love the team here! Forest goes above and beyond to help me and his clients. You will love the technology too.
Tucker Engels Avatar
Tucker Engels
Fit 2-20 is far and away the most impressive workout facility I have been to. The machines are very technologically advanced and provide the most time-efficient, safe, and effective workout possible. In just 20 minutes, I receive workouts that are clearly strengthening my muscles and getting me in better shape. The trainer is a very nice man who knows the science behind fitness and the human body extensively. I couldn’t recommend this gym more.
Mckelle Henderson Avatar
Mckelle Henderson
Fit2-20 is ahead of its time! The equipment and technology makes working out fun and easy. I've worked out my whole life and I've never seen such amazing results from just one training. Forrest is so amazing as a trainer and friend. He truly knows the correct fitness approach for YOU. I will never expect myself to spend long hours at the gym now that Fit2-20 has made it possible to get in the best shape of your life in less than 30 min.
Travis Washington Avatar
Travis Washington
This is what I’ve been looking for! We need this in Omaha!!! Outstanding Science designed to dial in a workout for individual needs, minimizing time and maximizing results!
Kevin Seay Avatar
Kevin Seay
Amazing equipment that allows you to customize your workout to your health needs! Great team of help that care about your fitness needs.
Paula D Avatar
Paula D
This place is great for both exercising and rehab. Forest is very knowledgeable and encouraging
Payten Maness Avatar
Payten Maness
A great place to work out! Fit 2-20 provides a customized private workout experience that is perfect for people looking to get a great work out in a short time frame. Forrest is incredibly knowledgeable about working out and will gladly explain the science behind the high tech machines that make his short intense workouts so affective. He is also always keeping up to date with new techniques and equipment to keep his knowledge at the front of exercise science.
Parker Toliver Avatar
Parker Toliver
If I could write a prescription for my patients to come here I would. I practically beg everyone I meet to make sure that they come to this place. This is the way fitness should be this is the way even fitness recovery should be. If you’re trying to manage your diabetes and weight or even if you’re a bodybuilder you cannot and should not pass up on your opportunity to join this facility. It’s hard to call this place a gym because it’s more than that it’s really the gym of the future you save time and get better results
Joe Meeting Avatar
Joe Meeting
I can’t say enough great things about Forrest and FIT 2-20! If you’re looking for a change in your life through physical activity this is your place. The uniqueness of the workouts coupled with the 50+ years of experience Forrest has in the industry is something you won’t find anywhere else. Forrest emits an aura of health and happiness that always makes you feel good, no matter how your day is going. If you haven’t tried FIT 2-20 then you’re missing out.
David Lipsitt Avatar
David Lipsitt
Forrest Michals has a lot of experience helping people gain better health both physically and nutritionally. The Fit 2-20 model encompasses state of the art equipment and a philosophy that is outside of the traditional fitness approach. He is a kind and compassionate person who works with you, one on one, to reach your health and fitness goals. Highly recommend.
Nicole Parker-Beggs Avatar
Nicole Parker-Beggs
Forrest is amazing! His background, knowledge, experience, and patient demeanor set him above all others. I came to him as a last hope in helping me get my body back in shape after a diagnosis of Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. He has worked diligently with me and the multitude of limitations imposed by HT. I feel better than I have in several years thanks to Forrest and his top notch regiment. The Fit 2-20 studio is the best in town. I highly recommend!!
MB Avatar
Fit 2-20 is a very high quality workout facility with state of the art collections of cutting edge exercise machines. Great results come fast including muscle development, weight loss, and overall fitness and toning. This protocol is based on high intensity interval training (HIIT), which only takes two 20 minute sessions twice a week. Nutritional advice is included with the membership too. I am very pleased with my results from the program and this facility.
Ryan Pullano Avatar
Ryan Pullano
Working with Forrest has been a great experience. Fit2-20 has some of the most cutting-edge fitness equipment like the ARX and Vasper machines which provide an incredibly efficient workout in a very short amount of time.
Jonathan Thompson Avatar
Jonathan Thompson
I’ve worked out at Fit 2-20 multiple times and the quick access to workout make it top of the line! The machines are built to help with conditioning and weight loss, but in a quick and safer way the the typical gym.
Miki Snell Avatar
Miki Snell
I have been training at Fit -2-20 for 2 and a half months and I am seeing encouraging results with building muscle. I am a 79 year old woman and I am grateful to have found this method of strength training because it works, and it doesn’t cause injury or bad effects from over training like many other forms of exercise. This place has a very pleasant atmosphere and everything about it is high quality. The owner provides a high level product with this exercise protocol.
Rod Norman Avatar
Rod Norman
Forrest and his fitness center is the best place to get fit. The equipment is the best I've seen, and he is a wealth of knowledge about fitness and nutrition. I definitely recommend Fit 2-20 to anyone trying to reach their fitness goals.
Paul Magnuson Avatar
Paul Magnuson
Forest Michals' small Fit 2-20 gym is on the cutting edge of physical training in optimizing exertion with strength recovery and development. A long workout routine simply isn't necessary at Fit 2-20. Forest was a boxer in the U.S. Marine Corp, owned and managed one of the first Nautilus gym's in Lincoln Nebraska, was part of the strength program at the University of Nebraska in the early 1970's, was offered the second Strength Coach position at the University of Colorado, developed some of the first resistance strength equipment used by the San Francisco 49ers, and now runs Fit 2-20. His history in training techniques and methodologies is fascinating. Apart from being one of the most knowledgeable trainers in America he is also one of the nicest and most polite individuals you will ever meet.
Dori Weaver Avatar
Dori Weaver
Love this place! In only 2 months of three twenty minute workouts a week my thyroid meds have been reduced, leg swelling has decreased and I am no longer always cold. My upper body strength has increased by 40 per cent and lower body strength has increased by 25 per cent. My husband and I purchased a years membership so I’m excited to see where I’ll be in 10 months. My only regret is that I didn’t know about this place sooner!
James Quail Avatar
James Quail
Drove into Dallas/Frisco to visit family during the holidays and wanted to try Fit 2-20. I've been training for 30 years and this was by far the most unique workout that I have tried. Forrest is a wealth of information and is just incredible. The equipment is different from any other gym, it's in a league of it's own. I enjoy resistance training and the equipment allows you to focus on both Concentric and Eccentric muscle action. A great workout, pump, and hit failure in short period. Highly recommend Forest and Fit 2-20!
aaron michals Avatar
aaron michals
I love the one on one attention. The equipment is different from any other gym, it's in a league of it's own. I would give more stars if I could. It's a must-try. You owe it to yourself to check Fit 2-20 out!
Kathy Young Avatar
Kathy Young
In this Covid world, I am delighted to have found such an incredible place to workout. Not only do I feel safe from Covid, but I am having amazing results. I am both stronger and leaner. Both Forrest and Aaron are helping me with my nutrition and how to get better results in less time without inuring myself.
Vijay Dukkipati Avatar
Vijay Dukkipati
I started here a little less than 6 months ago. Over the course of my time here, I gained 13 lbs of muscle, lost 18 lbs of fat, increased my Vo2 max by 30%+ and more than doubled my strength. I used to not be able to even do a chin up, and now I can do six. My sleep has improved massively, my mood has elevated to further heights than I could ever believe, and now for the first time in my life, I wake up with an incredible joy of exercise and activity. Never did I believe I could get the results I did with the amount of time I invested. More than that, the owner is one of the nicest and kindest people I have ever met. This place changed my life. Unequivocally one of the best investments I ever made. Thank you, Forrest, and thank you team. To anyone reading this, give this place a chance. If you put in the work, you won't regret it.
Elizabeth Williams Avatar
Elizabeth Williams
I have been exercising with Forrest and Fit 2-20 since January. I was looking for a Vasper location. I was thrilled to find out that my membership included not only Vasper but ARX and CAROL as well as Fit 360. Forrest is very attentive and makes sure your form is correct. I love exercising 20 minutes and getting 2 hours of exercise benefit. I have more energy and am strengthening my core and muscles! I gladly drive from Irving to Frisco three days a week. I wholeheartedly recommend this facility! You won't be sorry you checked this out! VERY AFFORDABLE!!
Kathy R Avatar
Kathy R
I started in December 2019 and was quite the skeptic, but am all in now. I have regained lost energy and improved strength and mobility. Vasper technology is amazing for recovery and I just don't feel like I have worked out. 20 minutes 2x per week is all you really need. The C.A.R.OL bike and the other equipment is fun and the digital feedback is motivating. Forrest is knowledgeable and works with your goals to give you the best experience. Fit 2 20 has been a real complement to the physical therapy I am currently undergoing and has improved my recovery as well as providing an excellent workout. Thanks, Forrest!
Aditya Varanasi Avatar
Aditya Varanasi
I’m getting serious results in two, 20minute sessions per week. It’s incredible! I needed a program that helped me build some muscle mass and lose some fat that was realistic and attainable for my schedule. I found Fit 2-20 to be the perfect solution. In two, 20min sessions per week, with a reasonable diet (that they help plan), I’m getting the same results I have had from daily 30min or 1hr workouts. I thought it was too good to be true, but by using the latest in exercise and physiology science, I’m getting results. The best part is that it’s something I can continue with for the long term because it fits my schedule, and that’s where other programs fell short. It’s no wonder this approach is being used by Navy Seals, NASA, and others that need to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of their workout. I highly recommend Fit 2-20 to anyone looking to get in better shape with a program that fits their schedule.
Danny Abraha Avatar
Danny Abraha
Blown away by this place. There's literally nowhere else in Texas you can go to use this type of equipment and the owner is extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of exercise and the human body. Cannot recommend enough. Fit 2-20 has really helped me stick to my fitness routine.