Who We Are

Fit 2-20 was founded by Forrest Michals. A leader in the fitness industry for more than 50 years, Forrest was one of the first to bring Nautilus and HIT style training to the public. He also pioneered in isokinetic exercise and invented an early prototype of today's accommodating resistance machines.

What We DO

We provide an environment that promotes a supportive, non-intimidating place where regular men and women, with busy professional and family lives, can improve their health and fitness, and maintain lifestyle changes – longterm! We support you at every step of your fitness journey so you can be inspired and empowered to live life without limits.

Why We DO IT

We have experienced the life-changing benefits our system has to offer and we want to share it with you.  We see ourselves as stepping stones in helping you to achieve all that life has to offer. Call today, to schedule a free consultation, and experience the difference for yourself.  Your new life is waiting.

How We Do it

We have assembled one of the most technologically advanced fitness facilities in the world.  There is nothing else like this in the DFW area.  Our training modalities are safer, more efficient, more effective and more quantifiable then anything you’ve ever seen.  We aren’t just different, we are superior.





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Hello Fit 2-20 family!

There is currently a nationwide effort to stop the spread of the Corona virus. At Fit 2-20, we want to take an intelligent approach to prevention, while still getting the health promoting benefits of proper exercise.

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