Who We Are

Fit 2-20 is DFW’s first Biohacking health and fitness facility.  It’s data-driven technology uses measurable and trackable results that help optimize one’s health and fitness by lowering levels of inflammation, quickening muscle growth, reducing obesity and optimizing hormone levels.

Just two, twenty-minute sessions per week will provide results that no other form of exercise or personal trainer could hope to provide.

Fit 2-20 was founded by Forrest Michals. A leader in the fitness industry for more than 50 years, Forrest was one of the first to bring Nautilus and HIT style training to the public. He also pioneered in isokinetic exercise and invented an early prototype of today’s accommodating resistance machines.  Fit 2-20 is the best Frisco personal training facility that gets results.

What We DO

We provide an environment that promotes a supportive, non-intimidating place where regular men and women, with busy professional and family lives, can improve their health and fitness, and maintain lifestyle changes – longterm! We support you at every step of your fitness journey so you can be inspired and empowered to live life without limits.


We have experienced the life-changing benefits our system has to offer and we want to share it with you. We see ourselves as stepping stones in helping you to achieve all that life has to offer. It doesn’t matter your fitness level, experience or age. We can help you achieve the goals you want in the time you have.


Forrest Michals


Forrest Michals has more than 50 years of experience in the fitness industry. In 1966 a mutual friend (Peary Rader – the founder and publisher of Iron Man Magazine) helped him secure a position working for Rheo H. Blair (the nutritionist who first introduced protein supplements).

While working for Rheo he had the opportunity to train with, and be trained by, many of the legends in the industry, including Vince Gironda (the “Iron Guru” who trained Arnold Schwarzenegger), Don Howorth (Mr. Universe) and Larry Scott (the first Mr. Olympia). In 1971 Forrest opened his first gym, which was one of the first Nautilus Clubs and he continued to work closely with Arthur Jones (the inventor of Nautilus) for the next seven years.

In 1975 Forrest invented an early prototype of the accommodating resistance machines which are considered state of the art today. This machine which was only on the market for a short time, due to liability issues, was used by our U.S. Olympic weightlifting team, the San Francisco 49ers professional football team and a Mr. Olympia finalist among others. Many current and former professional trainers got there start in Forrest’s original club. Some of the positions these trainees assumed were strength coach at the University of Nebraska, University of Miami, Ohio State University, the New York Jets, the New York Giants, Director of the Cooper Aerobics Center and president of the National Strength and Conditioning Association (the largest and most respected certification group in the world). Additionally, his powerlifting team set six world records.

Forrest is also a certified nutrition coach.