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What is CLMBR 02?

The CLMBR Machine, called the CLMBR Connected 02, is an innovative cardio machine revolutionizing home workouts. It features dual uprights, movable handles, foot pedals for a full-body workout, and 11 levels of magnetic resistance to challenge even the most seasoned fitness enthusiasts. It is the perfect choice for fitness enthusiasts looking to get their heart rate pumping and torch calories at home and is built in a chic design that will transform any home workout space.


CLMBR02 provides a high-intensity cardio workout while also building strength in 86% of your muscles. Climbing is low impact and full-body, allowing for life-long use without negative consequences.

Combined cardio and strength allow you to achieve higher output in less time. Say goodbye to separate leg and arm days, they can now become one.

Even better, vertical climbing can burn up to 600 calories in a 30-minute session. Due to a higher V02 max, this high output allows the body to continue burning fat and calories hours after the workout.

Get in Shape Fast with CLMBR: The Ultimate Full-Body Workout Machine

The CLMBR machine is designed to simulate the act of climbing stairs or mountains, creating a full-body workout that is low-impact and highly effective. It features a pair of handlebars and two pedals, which users can hold and step on to simulate a climbing motion. It comes with various result-driven features that give incredible benefits.

Handles That Move With You: The CLMBR machine is revolutionizing how we climb, offering a new degree of freedom for even more efficient workouts. This innovative machine boasts handles that increase head clearance, allowing you to climb more efficiently and comfortably in a squat-focused, forward-leaning posture.

Performance Delivered: The machine comes with its simplified center console, which offers a sleek and modern design focusing on performance and precision. The simplified weldment of the console enhances the machine’s overall strength and stability, allowing you to climb faster and higher without wobbling or shaking.

Stable Base For Every Workout: The CLMBR machine takes climbing it to a whole new level, providing a unique and immersive experience that makes you feel like you’re scaling a mountain. The pedals use a press-fit pin for increased durability and reliability. This ensures they can handle even the most rigorous workouts without breaking or wearing down over time

Why You Need to Check Out CLMBR

If you’re searching for a total body workout that caters to all fitness levels, the CLMBR is worth considering. Its intuitive design offers a full range of motion for both upper and lower body strength training, specially designed keeping your fitness goals in mind featuring:

On-Demand Guides: It comes with world-class guides that will keep you motivated throughout your climb. More importantly, keep it fun as you elevate yourself to new heights.

Touch Display Dashboard: The new display finally offers crisper graphics and high-quality optically bonded touch LED layer. Being one of the major touchpoints of the machine, the display and its quality is core to the user’s experience. We can achieve this through our new display partner, the leader in CAP Touch displays, and can incorporate our planned technologies.

Gearbox: The Gearbox is a fundamentally different drive system replacing the previous machine’s rubber belts entirely. The Gearbox will give the user a higher resistance level while ensuring easier maintenance and increased durability.

Super Audio: It contains stunning visuals, a 2.1 surround sound system, and a Dolby-enhanced subwoofer.

Robust Hardware: It features amazing crisp graphics, responsiveness, and processing power.

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