Owner Forrest Michals Touts Futuristic “Bio Hack” Revolution in Fitness

FRISCO, Texas (Feb. 12, 2019) – There’s a 75-year old fitness industry legend living in Frisco and nobody knows it – yet. One month ago, in a nondescript business park in Frisco, the local Chamber of Commerce helped owner Forrest Michals cut the ribbon on his exciting new business venture, Fit 2-20. The grand opening was the culmination of an entrepreneurial journey that’s been 50 years in the making. And if you want to know whether this boutique gym has the ability to revolutionize the fitness industry, Michals is just the guy to ask.

Fit 2-20 is anything but a routine gym or fad workout. Rather, it’s best described as a unique fitness studio, which offers members access to the latest revolutionary pieces of fitness equipment. Known as “Bio Hacks,” these machines actually “trick” the body using scientifically-studied techniques to provide positive changes and results in a shorter period of time than traditional
exercise machines. How short? Two 20-minute sessions per week. Perfect for even the busiest among us.

The establishment of Fit 2-20 represents the latest chapter in Michals’ entrepreneurial journey, which actually began 50 years ago in the heart of Nebraska. Fascinated with fitness and strength conditioning, Michals embarked on a pilgrimage to meet the publisher of Iron Man Magazine. It led to a summer job where he then crossed paths with Vince Gironda, the “Iron Guru” who trained a young Arnold Schwarzenegger, in addition to many other famous celebrities.

A post-college introduction to Arthur Jones, founder of Nautilus exercise equipment, led Michals to open his first gym, becoming just the second facility to offer Nautilus equipment in the U.S. Many of the people who trained in this gym would go on to form the backbone of the strength and fitness industry. Michals and Jones researched new exercise techniques and experimentations. Their discovery of eccentric action exercise spurred Michals to create his own machine, building the prototype with a child’s erector set. The full-sized machine was tested by Colorado State University’s human performance lab and found to have
the highest electrical muscle activity of any fitness equipment ever tested. Notable organizations who went on to purchase the new age machines included the U.S. Olympic weightlifting team and a few NFL teams.

As Michal’s entrepreneurial journey continued, he opened “World Fitness Centers,” which directly appealed to women with a form of exercise known as isokinetic contraction. Today’s Curve’s franchise is a near direct copy of the gym. Additional business forays into a personal line of 40 different fitness supplements led to ownership of five GNC Stores and his recent certification as a nutrition coach. The long and winding road has now led Michals to Frisco, Texas, and the establishment of Fit 2-20—the future of results- based fitness and time management. You may not have heard of Forrest Michals yet, but if his new age fitness regimen catches on with North Texas’ legion of health nuts, you most certainly will remember the name, Fit 2-20.

Fit 2-20 is located in the Hackberry Crossing Office Park, at 9555 Lebanon Road, Suite 503, Frisco,TX 75034. Hours are Monday-Friday 6 a.m. – 9 p.m. and Saturday-Sunday from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. Those wishing to schedule a workout can stop by or book an appointment online at:https://www.vagaro.com/strengthgeniellc.

For more information on Fit 2-20 or to schedule a workout, please visit www.fit2-20.com.

About Fit 2-20

Fit 2-20 represents the next level in evidence-based fitness regimens. Utilizing clinically-proven benefits through prototypical exercise machines, Fit 2-20 delivers quantifiable results through two specially-designed, 20-minute workouts. The Fit 2-20 program begins with a Fit3D body-scanning analysis, which then tailors your workout on three distinct pieces of exercise equipment: the ARX Fit, Vasper and Car.O.L. Each of these machines is dialed in to your exact body-type specifications, providing an exercise regimen destined to become the future of physical fitness.

Fit 2-20 was founded by Forrest Michals. A leader in the fitness industry for more than 50 years, Forrest was one of the first to bring Nautilus and HIT-style training to the public. He also pioneered in isokinetic exercise and invented an early prototype of today’s accommodating resistance machines.