Work with our experienced personal training coaches here at Fit 2-20 to build a customized resistance program that will set you on a path of optimum fitness and overall wellness. Our Certified Personal Trainers will instill habits to help you sustain muscle growth and strength, for the long haul, through a comprehensive workout plan. As a premier fitness facility, Fit 2-20 doesn’t engage in fad workouts, nor does it follow a rigid set of philosophies. Like our customized approach to fitness, we believe that everyone is unique; hence we work closely with you to implement a workout regime that suits your fitness level, body shape, and lifestyle.

Who is Fit 2-20?
Fit 2-20 founder Forrest Michals has been working in the fitness world for more than 50 years. Through decades of working with some of the best in the fitness and nutrition industries, he has accumulated knowledge, skills, and the right mentoring skills to transform the bodies and minds of his clients. He established Fit 2-20 with the sole purpose of providing clients access to cutting-edge exercise equipment and evidence-based training programs that guarantee quick, effective workouts and optimal results.

Our program is accessible to anyone who wants to develop the strength and size of their muscles. It is a form of resistance training that focuses on delivering functional benefits and overall health improvement. Whether you want to lose weight, improve athletic performance, or enhance physical aesthetics, our certified personal trainers will develop a highly personalized resistance training routine that will make you feel and look better. Using various Fit 2-20 technologies, our resistance training routines will condition your body, enhance balance, improve joint flexibility, and help maintain healthy body weight. Only two-twenty minute, personally supervised, workouts on Fit 2-20’s ARX machines, have been clinically proven to provide results that equal or exceed those requiring two to four hours in an ordinary gym.

Our Services
Body Composition Assessment – We will perform a thorough assessment using our InBody 570 Body Composition and Scanning Analyzer before starting your resistance training program. Apart from the accurate measurement of body weight, body fat percentage, body mass index, lean body mass, and basal metabolic rate, our InBody 570 also measures total water in and out of your cells. Your InBody 570 results are a valuable complement to your resistance training program, as they will allow us to measure your progress with the utmost precision.
Resistance Training – You will be taught resistance training movements using our ARX machines, which have been proven to be more efficient, more productive, more quantifiable, and safer than any other form of resistance training.
Aerobic Training – Aerobic training on our CAR.O.L bike (the only A.I. exercise device in the world) and our First Degree Fitness Upper Body Ergometer will provide all of the benefits of a 40-50 minute jog in less than 10 minutes, and with far less wear and tear on your body.

Why Choose Fit 2-20?
You don’t drive the same car or use the same phone your grandfather did, and if you’re exercising the same way you’re leaving a lot on the table. Now you can spend far less time in the gym, and see results much sooner, due to our state-of-the-art A.I. exercise equipment. If you want to experience “the future of exercise”, you may do so by scheduling a free consultation and workout on our website or by calling 940 350-6081.