Frisco’s Fit 2-20 adds Erchonia’s Emerald laser to its clinically-proven services

Evidence-driven, personalized gym adds the world’s first green laser for fat loss to its list of cutting-edge offerings FRISCO, Texas (July 27, 2022 FRISCO, Texas (July XX, 2022) – Fit 2-20 has added Erchonia’s Emerald laser to the clinically proven, evidence-based services offered at its personal training facility at 9555 Lebanon Road, Suite 503, in […]

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What is exercise?

Very simply, exercise is applying muscular force against resistance. Without resistance there can be no exercise. Furthermore, the quality of the resistance determines the value (results) of the exercise. Running, swimming, biking, flipping tires, they all provide an exercise stimulus. Any sort of muscular force, or muscle movement, when met by some type of resistance […]

Entrepreneurial Spirit Led to Founding of Fit 2-20 in Frisco

Owner Forrest Michals Touts Futuristic “Bio Hack” Revolution in Fitness FRISCO, Texas (Feb. 12, 2019) – There’s a 75-year old fitness industry legend living in Frisco and nobody knows it – yet. One month ago, in a nondescript business park in Frisco, the local Chamber of Commerce helped owner Forrest Michals cut the ribbon on […]

Fit 2-20 Brings Unique Workout Regimen to Frisco

Spa-like gym touts evidence-driven exercise on prototypical machines FRISCO, Texas (Jan.22, 2019) – Those with New Year’s resolutions to get in shape now have an additional option to choose from with the opening of Fit 2-20 in Frisco. The spa-like fitness center boasts new-age exercise machines that deliver a next-level workout experience. And according to […]