Keep The Muscle, Lose the Fat

A The first of the year is a time when many people choose to try and lose weight.  For decades, conventional wisdom has been telling us to “eat less and exercise more”. There is truth to this – it will cause weight loss.  However, when you’re starving your body for nutrients, it starts breaking down […]

A Calore, is A Calorie, or Not

A popular myth in weight loss circles (and even with some Personal Trainers) is that to lose one pound of fat per week, you need to cut about 3,500 calories, or around 500 calories per day.  This formula originated in a 1959 paper by medical researcher Max Wishnotsky and is based on how calories are […]

Weight Loss and Toning

At Fit 2-20 we’re here to guide you in reaching your weight loss and fitness goals through our premiere weight loss and toning program.  Whether you are about to begin your weight loss journey or need to switch up your existing workout method, our certified personal trainers boast experience and industry-leading knowledge to help you […]

Resistance Training

resistance training

Work with our experienced personal training coaches here at Fit 2-20 to build a customized resistance program that will set you on a path of optimum fitness and overall wellness. Our Certified Personal Trainers will instill habits to help you sustain muscle growth and strength, for the long haul, through a comprehensive workout plan. As […]

Customer Testimonials

Check out these two testimonials from our satisfied clients! We love delivering results and doing it quicker than traditional lifting. Listen to what our clients have to say!

What is exercise?

Very simply, exercise is applying muscular force against resistance. Without resistance there can be no exercise. Furthermore, the quality of the resistance determines the value (results) of the exercise. Running, swimming, biking, flipping tires, they all provide an exercise stimulus. Any sort of muscular force, or muscle movement, when met by some type of resistance […]